Blind draw

This activity is similar to back-to-back drawing, except that it focuses on teams instead of individuals. The goal is the same: draw an object using only verbal instructions. Teamwork and communication are vital to be good at this game.

Number of participants: 6-20 people

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Objective: Focus on teamwork and communication skills in a group setting

How to play

1. Get a flipchart, markers and a bunch of everyday objects (such as a lampshade, bicycle, etc.). Alternatively, print pictures of objects. This game works best with more unobvious objects (say, a trampoline vs a coin).

2. Divide all participants into teams of 4-6 people.

3. Ask each team to pick one person to be the “artist”. Ask the artist to take his place next to the flipchart.

4. Face the team away from the flipchart and give them an object from your pile.

5. The team will then instruct its artist on how to draw the object based on verbal instructions alone. They can describe the object but not state its name. The artist can’t see the object at any time, nor can the team see what the artist is drawing. Each team gets 3 minutes for a drawing.

6. The team whose drawing comes closest to the actual object wins.


To be good at this game, teams have to a) delegate effectively (i.e. pick the right artist), and b) communicate well (within the team as well as between the team and artist). In your evaluation, focus on how teams chose their artists and whether they were able to pick a team leader for relaying instructions (if yes, then how).

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