Formatted I/O can be produced with the routine(s)

A. integer array B. pointers C. program
D. printf( ) and scanf( ) E. character array F. &&
G. function H. Main I. getw( )
J. reference, value K. static L. for
M. extern N. ternary O. register
P. putw( ) Q. main( )
4.1 Formatted I/O can be produced with the routine(s) ________.
4.2 The ________statement is used to loop as long as a specified condition is met.
4.3 To create a string variable, me must declare a(n) ________ with enough elements to
contain the entire string.
4.4 Call by ________ is more efficient than call by file.
4.5 exit( ) function is used to terminate the ________.
4.6 The only operator that contains three operands is ________ operator.
4.7 The declaration ________ does not allocate storage space for variable.
4.8 The function ________ reads an integer from a file.
4.9 All buffers are cleared when a ________ closed.
4.10 Preprocessor directives are placed in the source program before the function ________.

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