php soap client install ubuntu

In case that you have Ubuntu in your machine, the following steps will help you:

  1. Check first in your php testing file if you have soap (client / server)or not by using phpinfo(); and check results in the browser. In case that you have it, it will seems like the following image ( If not go to step 2 ):
  1. Open your terminal and paste: sudo apt-get install php-soap.
  2. Restart your apache2 server in terminal : sudo service apache2 restart.
  3. To check use your php test file again to be seems like mine in step 1.

In Ubuntu/Debian 

$ php -i | grep -i soap   or $ $ apt-cache search php | grep -i soap
$ sudo apt-get install php-soap
$ sudo  service apache2 restart

or in RHEL/Fedora 

$ yum search php | grep -i soap
$ sudo yum install php-soap

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