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Our Customers Say

Sarah Ali

The food is good and very convenient for people with hectic schedules. It’s been 11 days and I have already lost 4 kgs. Currently on a 4-week plan and planning to switch to an 8-week plan. Love the food!

Happy InstaDieting!

Reetika Mehra

The food is yummy. I have lost 1.5 Kgs. Currently switched to their 4-week plan. Looking forward to achieving my desired weight goals.

Happy InstaDieting!

Kranthi Das

Thanks to InstaDiet, I lost 3 kilos in a week. Loving the diet!

Happy InstaDieting!

Saranya Mangtol

Very fantastic varieties of food. I lost 2.5 kgs and love InstaDiet plans a lot.

Happy InstaDieting!

Kartik Garg

The diet was really awesome and tasty. I lost 2.5 kgs in a week. Looking forward to their 8-week plan.

Happy InstaDieting!

Amit Arora

The best part is I don’t have to keep a track of anything now. I really liked the food, especially mushroom and corn soup . Snacks and bars are delicious. It's really easy to follow the diet religiously without any cheat days as there are plenty of amazing meal options.

Happy InstaDieting!

Meghana Janwadkar

The food is delicious. I don’t find any need for any cheat day as the food is excellent. Variety of food options to vegetarians. Besides food, their customer service is superb. My each and every query was resolved by the team. I recently switched to their 8-week plan. Looking forward to achieving amazing results!

Happy InstaDieting!

Utkarsh Tirkey

It has been 5 weeks since I've been on this diet and I have already lost 5 kgs. I have been extremely diligent with the diet and the results are astounding.

Happy InstaDieting!


I lost 6 Kgs and I’ve never been more confident or felt better physically and mentally. I wholeheartedly recommend this miracle of a diet plan to people who have been struggling with weight loss. Trust me, if I can do this, so can you!

Happy InstaDieting!


With InstaDiet, I never once felt like I was on a diet. It made my weight loss journey so easy and effortless. The entire experience was extremely convenient, and at the end of 4 weeks, I had lost 5 Kgs. I not only looked more toned and in shape, but I felt so much better.

Happy InstaDieting!


This diet helped me lose 8 Kgs in a span of 8 weeks, and I feel so much more confident, healthier, and happier now, and I would recommend InstaDiet to anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight.

Happy InstaDieting!