5 profitable product ideas to sell online

5 profitable product ideas to sell online

The digital age is upon us and there’s no avoiding it if you’re a business. The internet has simplified commerce to a point where it’s possible to buy, sell and market from anywhere on the planet. This simplification has unlocked a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Of course, many of the hard-wired basics of business continue to hold true. For example: The first step to starting a business is to scour the marketplace and gain a deep understanding of market demand and capacity.

Similarly for online marketplaces the options of selling products online are many, it is difficult to zero-in on that one idea which will seal the deal for you. However, the trick is to choose one that peaks your interest and also has a sustainable demand with a healthy growth potential. Here’s a list of five popular product ideas to sell online:

  1. Apparel, fashion accessories and footwear – It’s safe to say that apparel, accessories and footwear will always have a market. While the category is still one of the most popular in any e-commerce marketplace, it also offers unending niche opportunities. You can produce clothes that are meant for a particular body type or occasion, or accessories covered with topical statements. You could also branch into gender-neutral accessories and produce bags, wallets, sunglasses and belts, among others. Either way, whether it’s a one-size-fits-all pair of socks or a backpack emblazoned with a slogan, apparel, accessories and footwear can be your route to success, if you get it right.
  2. Customised and handmade products – Customisation has become a popular trend among buyers. Customers love to be able to choose their preferred colour and style of jewellery, apparel, home decor products and more. Consider offering monograms or custom graphics on your products. This will add a unique, personalised touch to regular products.
  3. Beauty and personal care products – The cosmetics and skincare industry for men and women is another fast-growing segment. Beauty products, grooming products, make-up, health and personal care items, all come in a vast variety of types and price ranges. Lately there has been a sizeable demand for organic and natural beauty care products. Cash in on this opportunity. Turn your customer’s demand into a successful business venture.
  4. Electronics, appliances and accessories – Even if most customers walk into a bricks and mortar electronics store to touch and feel electronic products, nearly 43% end up purchasing them from large marketplaces like Amazon. The demand is huge and gadget enthusiasts usually want the latest model of everything, therefore the turnover is large. The most commonly sold products in this category are cameras, televisions, headphones, mobiles and its accessories, PCs and more. Start manufacturing, sourcing and selling products online to make the most of this.
  5. Home and kitchen products – The online demand of this category has grown exponentially in the past few years. Thank the convenience of buying everyday staples with the click of a button and home delivery. Consumers can even automate recurring purchases that they need on a monthly or weekly basis. . Starting from basic grocery items like flour and sugar to detergents, cleaners, nuts, beverages and soap, covering all household staples.

Once you have figured out what to sell online, you need to find the right platform to sell. Amazon, with its wide range of seller support services can help you get started with selling your products online. With other incredible services like fast shipping, cash on delivery option, secure payments etc, Amazon also gives you the added benefit of a vast global customer base. So register with usas a seller and carve out your unique product niche today.

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