An object is implicitly passed to a method by

A. IOException static B. InvalidMarkException C. final
D. javap E. default F. ResultSet
G. private H. FlowLayout I. PreparedStatement
J. reference K. SQLException L. ReadOnlyBufferException
M. objects

4.1 A class declared as ________ cannot be inherited.
4.2 An object is implicitly passed to a method by ________.
4.3 The class variable is also called as a(n) ________ variable.
4.4 getNextException method belongs to ________ class.
4.5 The object of ________ class is thrown when an attempt is made to reset a buffer when its mark is not defined.
4.6 The jdk development tool which is used as a class file disassembler is known as ________.
4.7 A SQL statement is precompiled and stored in a ________ object.
4.8 ________ is the default access modifier for instance variables in Java.
4.9 UML depicts information systems as a collection of ________.
4.10 The default layout manager of a JPanel container is ________.

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