Bank exam practical questions

Question No. 1

Marks: 10

Write the following Shorthand Outlines and mention also the rules of writing the same:

1. Better arrangement _______ 11. You are not ________

2. From time to time _______ 12. Wonderfully ________

3. Agricultural Department _______ 13. Subscribed _______

4. Generalization _______ 14. At some time _______

5. My dear Madam _______ 15. Arbitrator _______

6. Representative authority _______ 16. Valuation ________

7. I will consider the matter _______ 17. Inconvenient _______

8. I wish there were _______ 18. Inscribe _______

9. You will be glad to know _______ 19. Thankfully _______

10. Foundation stone _______ 20. Prospectus _______

Question No. 2

Marks: 10

Translate the following passage in Shorthand employing the rules of place/position etc.

Regarding the matter of expediency, to discuss which the meeting was primarily called, it

was thought that the plan suggested might prove very expensive and causes endless trouble in

arranging the necessary mortgage. The Chairman, who is a very capable mathematician, and

he carries out all his business with mathematical exactitude. We are of the opinion that there

are many who have not agreed with the attitude of the executive, and who do not wish the

proposals to be carried into effect. At all events, at all our own recent country gatherings,

which have been rather smaller than usual, there has been much objection to several

proposals on this subject, and as soon as we can, we are having a postal vote as we cannot

decide certain matters. Our representative on the council is responsible for the negligence of

the reform, and our committee is of the unanimous opinion that in the future its support

cannot be given to one who has shown so much neglect of his duties and it purposes

nominating another and a better candidate for the November election.

Question No. 3

Marks: 10

Type the following passage in double space performing the tasks mentioned at the end of the


1.1 An introduction to the Web Programming

The World Wide Web is a part of the Internet. In fact, despite being a much recent

development, the World Wide Web has overshadowed the internet in popularity. This is

mainly due to its user friendly environment and its attractive interface. Web programming in

simple terms, can be defined as writing a program, which can be used in a hypertext

environment over a network.

The language of the web is HTML. HTML stands for hypertext mark-up languages,

which has been derived from SGML (Standard Generalized Markus Languages) this is an

ASC II based language, characterized by the presence of tags.

Perform the following tasks:

i. Change the left margin and right margin to “1.5”

ii. Change the first line indent of all the paragraphs to “0.5”

iii. Select the heading “1.1 An introduction to Web Programming” and perform

the following tasks”

a) Change the font size to 14 and typeface Arial

b) Change the font style to bold face and underline it

iv. In the Header type the text “HTML” (left aligned) and in footer area insert page

number (right aligned)

v. Insert the watermark of your Name

Question No. 4

Marks: 10

Send the below typed letter to the following persons with the help of mail merge, preparing

the database:

i. The Manager, State Bank of India, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001

ii. The Manager, Punjab National Bank, R.K.Puram, Near JNU, New Delhi-110023

iii. The Manager, UCO Bank, Dwarka Sector 4, New Delhi110078

iv. The Manager, Canara Bank, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110060

Dear Sir,

Subject: Invitation of Annual General Meeting.

Board of directors of this National Bank Committee decided to conduct the proposed

Annual General Meeting on 31st March 2022 in Room No. 1 of State Bank of India,

Parliament Street, at 4.00 p.m.

Please make it convenient to attend the meeting so that important matter can be taken.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,



State Bank of India

Question No. 5

Marks: 10

Sun Trading Corporation has to pay the salary of its Employees for the month of March 2022.

Create a workbook containing 10 employees. Use Formulas/Functions to display all the

values. Workbook with columns Sr. No.,Name of Employee, Basic Salary, TA, DA, HRA,

Gross Salary, GPF, I. Tax, LIC, Total Deductions & Net Salary. The Basic Salary should be

>30000<80000, TA 20% of Basic, DA 80% of Basic, HRA 30% of Basic, GPF 10% of

Basic, I. Tax 20% of Basic and LIC 15% of Basic.

Apply as under:

 Gross Salary: Basic Salary+TA+DA+HRA

 Total deducations: GPF+I.Tax+LIC

 Net Salary: Gross Salary-Total Deductions

 Boarder to the Worksheet except Heading

 Centralize the Columnar Headings except Name

 Make the Hyperlink Question No. 3

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