Below are some of the guidelines to keep your financial information safe and secure:

Transact on ‘https’ websites only, and look for the secure pad lock in the ‘Address’ bar

Instal a strong anti-virus software and update it regularly

Do not open any attachments from unknown sources or click on suspicious links

Always type the correct ICICI Bank website URL in your browser window

Never click on links from unknown addresses that navigate to ICICI Bank’s website, instead always type the address in the browser

Change your passwords regularly (at least once a month)

Log out from Internet Banking, once you have completed your activity

Never reply to e-mails, SMS or calls asking for your Card details, Internet Banking User ID Password/PIN/CVV/OTP, even if the person claims to be a Bank employee

Do not access your bank account through links in e-mails or SMS

If you receive any suspicious mail or call, please report it to us on

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