Easy Ways to Generate Leads

So you have tried it all? Be it printing flyers, sending e-mailers, facebook ads and so much more, but still, with no success in making your brand the next big thing in the market. Well, there isn’t one right way to for everyone. Every business is unique in its own way, so should be the target market and communication style. Hence the lead generation strategy that we implement should actually reflect those aspects of the business.

Lead Generating Website

 With so much of buzz on lead generation, we keep wondering where this comes from. It‘s none other than the website. The website is the hub of all the future online lead generation activities as well as online marketing. These are designed not to generate leads. These mainly feature jargons and are focused strictly around their services. You get this feeling of going through an online version of an old-fashioned brochure. Thus being hardly of any help to the web visitors. On the other hand a lead generating website will feature a user-friendly description of what they actually do and even identify key problems or needs that could be solved. the whole idea is to make the entire experience so easy that the visitor gets whatever he/she seeks for in a few seconds or else be prepared to bid goodbye. In short a lead generating website is all about easy access to valuable information, Lot of chances for the visitor to sign up and a hassle free contact method.


One might get confused that despite not being able to generate leads, how can a blog be one of the most effective lead generating tools. Being directly connected to your SEO, it increases the chances of you being found online. You get complete access to express your opinions and undivided attention of your readers. To further promote it, one can use social media, bookmarking websites and article directories. Just keep in mind to optimize your blogs to generate leads by having a sign-up section for your news letter and by using the margins to promote your product and services.


Be it companies, consumers or others, majority go for Google search first, that is one of the biggest reasons why PPC is considered one of the best tool generation techniques. Use more of ‘long-tail keyword phrases’ which is basically three words or more as search terms. The best part about using a long-tail keyword phrase is that due to their specificity, they’re less competitive than related, shorter search terms.


It is a marketing tool used to help search engines to easily locate the relevant websites or be it the webpage that an individual or a company is looking for as well as keywords and HTML coding to optimize the page ranking and using the right terminology. As a lead generating tool, SEO is important for small and mid-sized companies to improve the visibility of their business on internet. So, if we optimize the SEO for a website that would help one to get lead as well as bring in more website traffic. RANK TRACKER, BRUCE CLAY, ALEXA etc are some of the rank monitoring sites. SEO tools which help in monitoring the ranking and position.

List Building

The single most important influencing factor in your marketing success is the quality of the list of your prospects as it can eliminate virtually all marketing waste. If you have a list of well qualified prospect, it is no less than a priceless gem because by utilising it properly will give incredible amount of revenue for you from those  people who have a proven interest in your product or service. It will automatically take your sales higher, if the thousands of properly qualified lists are used in the best way. These are readily available for virtually any marketing purpose and help identify the specific businesses, key decision makers, within the geographic areas you specify and demographic characteristics you desire.


Along with the other techniques, one can use telemarketing too. The best part being flexible in scope, message, and the things it can accomplish for you. If used with direct mail, it allows you to identify the prospects and helps you reach them directly through two media. An effective way to keep growing and building your relationship with your prospects. Thereby making it easier for them to come to a purchasing decision and help you in increasing your sales results by up to twenty times. One also gets immediate feedback from customers, opinion of prospective customers about their wants, what they like, and what not.

Use Your Competitor’s Resources

To stay in the business one has to be very cautious, there can be an opportunity lying anywhere that can take your business to pinnacle of success. Almost everyone keeps a track of the competitors, but then one should also look for chances where the competitor might have missed or maybe left an idea undeveloped. Do make arrangements to obtain details from all of their unconverted enquiries, unsold prospects and unconverted leads.

PR and Publicity

Usually what we read, see, and hear in the media has actually found its way through PR. The never ending craving by the media for factual, interesting, and newsworthy or entertaining information they can share with their customers, employees, members, viewers or readers and listeners. If approached in the right manner, will give you free coverage on television, radio, trade journals, magazines, e-zines, web sites, newspapers and newsletters who serve the marketplace you’re trying to reach.

Social Events and promotions

There isn’t a special rule book for your success but then making the entire experience of working with you special and memorable will eventually bring you to the top spot. One has to come up with innovative ideas, something that is exciting, fun, informative, valuable or educational and a memory or an experience that stays back. You can take your business to new heights and form more meaningful bond with your customers. Events provide an amazing platform to not only educate the consumers about the product or service but even turning people into prospective customers.

Social Media lead Generation

The entire world is on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc, so these are definitely on the priority list of every business owner. Though social media can be time consuming, it can also help you connect on a deeper level with potential customers. It is almost like using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as different virtual phonebooks, where one can actually search and get info about your services or keywords as well as people who are already talking about your products or services. You can also use Hoot suite to search for new customers by using saved searches on Twitter.

Local Listing

Does your business draw customers from a specific city or location?  If yes, then local listings and a local SEO strategy is the best strategy towards success. The first step is to check if your business is listed and not to forget listed correctly. That can be done on local listing websites like Google Places, Yelp Local, Angies List and Yellow Pages Online. Make sure to check the website URL, physical address, phone number and services. One can set a local listing template for the customers to ensure that there is consistency across all local search sites.

eBook and White Papers

 A great technique that can be used by B2B companies or a business that works in a very technical space. This is basically for people who love to read and gain expertise about that particular industry. One thing to keep in mind is not to go all out promoting the services or products. People want to be informed about the product or service not sold. So while writing keep in mind the tone neutral and give actionable insights. You can rather share the eBook socially or ask your network to share it for you.

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