How to Deal with Unhappy Customers?

Big or small, no entrepreneur wants unhappy customers. This is not only about a bad impression regarding your company but even for your business. We are sharing few tips to help you through:

  • Trying to see everything in a negative light will only bring negative outcome. Take it in a positive stride. Yes, it is saddening and unpleasant to have unhappy customers but you can rather use their suggestions to figure out your flaws. This will help you in further improving your product or service.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is to listen to your customers. Understand the issue that the customer is facing. Ask them what would really make them happy. This way you will earn a big fan forever. This goes a long way in establishing your brand
  • Always be on their side. The customer service representatives are always trained in such a way that while dealing with customers they should never ever make them feel they represent the company rather they should respond like they are in your side. This makes the customer take the representative as an ally and not an enemy.
  • There could be a thousand issues that you might face every day. Have a set pattern or way to deal with these problems but do personalise the each and every response. You can issue a refund, additional benefits or apologise and explain the situation. This can even turn those happy customers into your brand advocates.
  • At the end of the day, customers too are human beings. Try and understand what could make you happy if you were in their situation. Analyse and find out a median between both your needs. This small sacrifice will help you in the long run.
  • Do not react instantly. Keep your calm and listen to what the customer has to say. Try and get into their shoes to understand the situation. See it from their point of view. Once you approach the issue in this manner it becomes easier to find a solution.
  • When a customer faces some issue what makes it worse is no response from the company. Try as much as possible to give the customers personalised attention. This will make them feel that they are heard and being taken care of.
  • The first thing to do for an unhappy customer is to agree with them. After they are sure that you have understood their situation, they will be in a better state to listen to you. Ultimately leading to a solution.
  • Try and win their confidence. Make them feel you are on their side. Rather than arguing and giving reactions, listen to them peacefully. This will make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

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