Reliance Jio has yet again announced an all-new cashback offer under which new smartphone buyers will be eligible to get Rs. 2,200 cashback. The new Jio Football offer is targeted at all new smartphone buyers getting added on to Jio’s network. For Jio Football offer, new smartphone buyers will have to do a recharge of Rs. 198 and Rs. 299 for the first time and they will receive 44 vouchers of Rs. 50 which will be credited to the customers MyJio account.

The offer kicked off Thursday and will be valid until 31 March 2018. These vouchers can be redeemed instantly against subsequent recharges of Rs. 198 and Rs. 299 on MyJio mobile app. The Jio Football offer is applicable for both existing and new Jio customers, the company added.

The offer is valid for all eligible devices, activated on the Jio network for the first time, on or after 15th February 2018 and if the first recharge of  Rs. 198 and Rs. 299 is done on or before 31 March 2018.

It’s worth pointing out that Jio customers can redeem 44 vouchers of Rs. 50 each credited in MyJio app one at a time per recharge, against subsequent recharges of Jio plan of Rs.198 and Rs. 299 via MyJio app only. The new Jio Football offer is applicable for prepaid customers on the Jio network.

Here’s a list of eligible devices for Jio Football offer:

JioPhone, the feature phone marketed as the “India ka smartphone”, will now be available via Amazon India. The JioPhone arrival on Amazon India will mean that customers can purchase the phone from online channel. The JioPhone has been on sale in India at refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,500 for three years which makes the device effectively free.

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