My VPS / Cloud / Dedicated Servers hangs/stops responding/stops working ?

My VPS / Cloud / Dedicated Servers hangs/stops responding/stops working ?

When your server you are hosted on stopped working there could be numbers of possible reasons for it. When you feel the website is not working try to refresh the page if it doesn’t resolves the issue try opening it in the other browser and other devices as well. If nothing works out kindly contact the support team they will help you resolve the issue. The server could stop responding when there is too much of resources consumption from the website, The database failure due to foreign commands ran into the server. Numbers of possible cases are studied to overcome this issue.

Problem:  (The problem can be told in many ways, Example of few ways)

  1. My VPS or Cloud or Dedicated server hangs and stops responding?
  2. Due to overload, My server stops responding?
  3. Due to HIGH CPU and high RAM usage, My DB server or Apache / web server stops responding.

The CPU load or system load can shoot up to sky high at any given time for 100s of reasons.  There can be 100s of reasons, why it happens and It can analyse or known once we reboot the server and study the logs of what has happened.

Some of the common reasons, Why server stops responding…

  • Too many requests choke the servers. Example, Your server is configured to server 10,000 requests per hour. All of sudden, If your server receives more than that, then your server struggles to serve all the request and at some point in time, It overloads and stops functioning as expected.  You may get too many hits due to bot or DDOS attack.
  • Overload of DB server.  Due to poor programming or overload of the request as mentioned in the above para, your DB server can stop functioning. Imagine, If your DB server can handle only 1,000 queries per minute and If it receives more than 1,000 like 5,000 queries per minute, then it stops functioning properly.
  • Email server issue. The email server can handle a good amount of Emails per hour. Assume, If your website is compromised or hacked, then generally hackers use your server to send millions of emails per hour. When you send few millions of emails per hour, then Email server consumes more memory and results in the server overload.
  • A genuine increase in traffic: It is possible that your website might get more genuine traffic than what was before. When there is a increase in traffic, then it is advisable to increase the resources.

In all the above scenario, You have to find out the root which causes the problem and fix it. Otherwise, upgrading the resources such as RAM or CPU can be helpful sometimes. When you add more CPU and RAM, then your server gets more resources to handle any request. But, still it is still advisable to find out the root cause and take permanent action.

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