12 राशियों का नाम | Name of 12 Rashi

Aries or Mesha or Mesham Rasi
The people who born in March or April will have Mesha Rasi. They will have Ashwini or Bharanai or Kiruthigai as their Nakshatra. They will usually have an interest in entertainment field. They will have brilliant children.

Taurus or Vrushabha or Rishabam Rasi
The people who born in April or May will have Rishaba Rasi. Rohini, Kiruthigai, Mirugaseeridam are the Nakshatras which comes for Rishaba Rasi. These Rasi people will have beautiful face. It is really difficult for anybody to fight against you.

Gemini or Mithun or Mithunam Rasi
The people who born in May or June will have Mithuna Rasi. Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam, Mirugaseeridam are the Nakshatras of Mithuna Rasi. Usually, Mithuna Rasi people will get others suggestion before starting any new work. They will accurately judge everything.

Cancer or Kark or Kadagam Rasi
If a person born on June or July month then he will have Kadaga Rasi as his zodiac sign. Punarpoosam, Poosam, Aayilyam are the Nakshatras which comes under Kadaga Rasi. Usually, Kadaga Rasi people will occupy everybody’s heart with their lovely words. They will always try to complete their jobs without fail.

Leo or Simha or Sinh or Simmam Rasi
The people who born in July or August month with will Simma Rasi. Magam, Pooram, Uthiram are the nakshatras of Simha Rasi. Usually, Simha Rashi people are very bold. They like to get everything immediately.

Virgo or Kanya or Kanni Rashi
If a person born on August or September month then he will have Kanni Rashi. Uthiram, Hastham, Chithirai are the Nakshatras of Kanni Rasi. Usually, Kanni Rasi people will introduce themselves with other and they mingle easily. They love to do what they like.

Libra or Tula or Thulam Rashi
The people who born in September or October month will have Thulam Rashi. Chithirai, Swathi, Visagam are the Nakshatras of Thulam Rasi. usually, Thulam Rasi people will have good management skills. They are very strict and they don’t like people who lie.

Scorpius or Vrushchik or Viruchigam Rashi
If a person born on October or November month then he will have Viruchagam as his Rashi. Visagam, Anusham, Kettai are the Nakshatras of Viruchiga Rasi. Usually, Viruchiga Rasi people console themselves if they face any problems. They will have at least a small property in their name.

Sagittarius or Dhanu or Dhanusu Rashi
The people who born on November or December month will have Dhanusu as their Rashi. Moolam, Pooradam, Utharadam are the Nakshatras of Dhanusu Rasi. These Rasi people will think differently and achieve everything. They won’t run behind money just because they love people more than money.

Capricornus or Makar or Makaram Rashi
As per English Calendar, If a person born between
December 22 to January 19 then he will have Makara Rasi. Uthiradam, Thiruvonam and Avitam are the Nakshatras of Makara Rashi. Usually, these Rashi people are very hard working and they will love their friends a lot.

Aquarius or Kumbha or Kumbam Rashi
The people who born between January 20 to February 18 will have Kumba Rashi. Avittam, Sadhayam and Pooratadhi are the Nakshatras of Kumba Rashi. Mostly Kumba Rashi people will have more talent but they won’t express it. Their lifestyle will get improved after they get child.

Pisces or Meen or Meenam Rashi
As per English Calendar, the people who born between
February 19 to March 20 will have Meena Rashi. Pooratathi, Uthiratadhi, Revathi are the Nakshatras of Meena Rashi. Usually, Meena Rashi people will speak what they thought. They won’t interact with people who tease them.

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