Node JS Discontinue

What’s happening?
The Node community has decided to end support for Node.js 8.x on December 31, 2019 [1]. From this date forward, Node.js 8.x will stop receiving bug fixes, security updates, and/or performance improvements.

To ensure that your new and existing functions run on a supported and secure runtime, language runtimes that have reached their EOL are deprecated in AWS [2]. For Node.js 8.x, there will be 2 stages to the runtime deprecation process:

1. Disable Function Create – Beginning January 6, 2020, customers will no longer be able to create functions using Node.js 8.10
2. Disable Function Update – Beginning February 3, 2020, customers will no longer be able to update functions using Node.js 8.10 After this period, both function creation and updates will be disabled permanently. However, existing Node 8.x functions will still be available to process invocation events.

What do I need to do?
We encourage you to update all of your Node.js 8.10 functions to the newer available runtime version, Node.js 10.x[3] or Node.js 12.x[4]. You should test your functions for compatibility with either the Node.js 10.x or Node.js 12.x language version before applying changes to your production functions. > What if I have issues/What if I need help? Please contact us through AWS Support [5] or the AWS Developer Forums [6] should you have any questions or concerns.


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