PET360 CALCIUM+ Advanced Mobility Formula with Premium combination of Calcium, Amino Acids & Vitamins 200 ml for Dogs & Cats(Pack of 1)

Item FormLiquid
Active IngredientsAmino acids,calcium
Item Weight260 Grams
Product BenefitsFor Healthy growth of bones, muscles & nerves

About this item

  • PET360 CALCIUM+ is ideal for Bone Growth
  • PET360 CALCIUM+ helps in building Muscle strength
  • PET360 CALCIUM+ helps in Nerve Support
  • PET360 CALCIUM+ has calcium which participates in multiple body functions including heart pumping, it is essential to keep its level steady in blood. This explains why, even when food is deficient in calcium, it is not reflected in the blood levels. When Calcium drops below certain point, additional calcium is quickly released from bones to ensure that vital body functions can carry on. CALCIUM+ meets the requirement for Bone, Muscle & Nerve Growth.

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