Phone wallpaper mistakes to avoid

Using a typical image as wallpaper

Across mobile phones and devices, the wallpaper may differ in size. Pick the right dimensions for the proper display of your wallpaper.

Adding long or too much text

Having subtle or a fair amount of text is acceptable. But some phone wallpapers are so cramped with text that they overlap the app icons. Even if you’re featuring a motivational quote in your wallpaper, it should have limited text.

Too many focal points, colors, and elements

There are many phone backgrounds on the Web that look entirely jam-packed. A single glance of the same is sure to overwhelm you. Too many focal points, colors, and elements destroy the purpose.

Ignoring the wallpaper size

Mobile wallpapers’ sizes change as per the size of the device itself. Not following the dimensions may cause any part of your wallpaper to cut off. So it becomes essential to consider the size of the device before creating or downloading phone wallpaper.

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