Lord Rama along with his army of apes had crossed the sea to reach Lanka from where they rescued Sita from brought her back to India.
Let’s take you on a tour of Sri Lanka, where you can see what event of Ramayana happened where, and how the place actually looks like today.
1) These caves, shown in the pictures, are called Ravana’s Caves in the picturesque town of Ella. These are believed to be built by Ravana for secret passages through mountains. Excavations by the Sri Lankan Archaeological Department have proved that these caves are man-made and not naturally formed, and they show human habitation dating back more than 25,000 years.

Ravana caves
Ravana caves
Ussangoda, Sri Lanka, Landing strip of Pushpak Vimaan
Ravana Ella Caves
Seeta Eliya temple
Ashok Vatika
Lord Hanuman's footsteps
Ram Setu
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