We are experts at local SEO in the UK and the ideal solution to get your business (and its services) to page one of Google. Our Google Certified Engineers have achieved page one results for thousands of clients in a wide range of industries, so no matter what business you are in, we can help get you to page one of Google and keep you there.

Our comprehensive SEO process includes:

Keyword selection – To start your online journey and the first step to the all-important page one presence, we will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your requirements and the target audience you wish to reach. By identifying the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your business/services we can then begin the process with an evident end goal.

Keyword research – We review the chosen keywords before implementing the SEO to ensure we have an understanding of the competition and the search density involved. This gives us an advantage when instructing our team of professional copywriters and the SEO team as we have already carried out the research required for the process to begin quickly and efficiently.

Content building – Our team of professional copywriters have excellent knowledge and experience of Google’s best practice SEO, and will devise copy that promotes your business and services in-line with Google’s specific guidelines.

Page optimisation – On all of the websites we build we have an onsite SEO team that carefully checks for 100% optimisation across every element that is implemented throughout the process. From title tags and meta descriptions to internal linking and footer links, we cover everything possible for Google to crawl the website and link with the keywords chosen to provide page one results for your business.

Link building – We provide your website with premium backlinks, using only safe and secure directories to allow Google to recognise your company and rank accordingly. The link building team carefully choose the directories unique to the company’s industry to prevent the backlink becoming a negative optimisation.

Performance measurement – The SEO team at promoteUK analyse websites on a daily basis, monitoring the page rank, as well as considering competition and acting efficiently to boost the websites performance to give the very best chance of achieving the ultimate page one result.

Google’s algorithms – Taking into consideration the vast usage Google has, they need to make sure guidelines are put in place to filter the best matched and most deserved results to the first page. They do this by updating the search platform with various updates, such as Penguin, Panda & Page Rank, which in essence allows them to filter out undeserved websites that may have used unethical ways of ranking on Google. This makes what we do even more important as we review the updates and make changes to your website accordingly so you do not lose your page one position. We do all of this for you for no extra charge throughout the term of your contract.

Reporting – Our ‘Reports on Demand’ service is a really easy way for our clients to review their performance. Simply email our Reporting Team via and you will receive a detailed report within 2 working days. These reports include all chosen keywords with the corresponding page position, as well as the traffic of users visiting your website and how they got there. This simple process allows you to monitor performance as often as you like, and seeing the progression will give you a complete insight into the performance and progress of your chosen keywords.

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