Sorting Data Structure Practice Questions

  1. Write an algorithm to implement Bubble sort with suitable example.
  2. Explain any two techniques to overcome hash collision.
  3. Write an algorithm to implement insertion sort with suitable example.
  4. Write an algorithm to implement selection sort with suitable example.
  5. Write an algorithm to implement radix sort with suitable example.
  6. Write an algorithm for binary search with suitable example.
  7. Discuss the common collision resolution strategies used in closed hashing system.
  8. Given the input { 4371, 1323, 6173, 4199, 4344, 9679, 1989 } and a hash function of h(X)=X (mod 10) show the resulting:
    a. Separate Chaining hash table
    b. Open addressing hash table using linear probing
  9. Explain Re-hashing and Extendible hashing.
  10. Show the result of inserting the keys 2,3,5,7,11,13,15,6,4 into an initially empty extendible hashing data structure with M=3. (8) (Nov 10)
  11. what are the advantages and disadvantages of various collision resolution strategies? (6)

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