Tactics You Can Use to Drive Sales

The reason we keep trying something new and work so hard for the online store is to bring in more traffic. Be it through discounts, emails etc, one has to keep trying a different technique. Despite doing so much, we still feel a lot of times that maybe there is much more that one has to do. Maybe this is not enough. So, if you are going through the same, do read these marketing tactics which might definitely help. Try one or all, and evaluate yourself if it actually works. Get set for the old ones to come back and welcome new ones too.

  1. Upselling – One of the most effective ways to sell your products. This is when the merchant puts in a lot of effort and tries to sell you a slightly a more expensive one when you might be considering buying a product. This can be done by mentioning about the better quality or it’s USP.
  2. Instagram – There has been a sudden surge in the average order value from Instagram. Though we have been using the old methods still like organising contests, deals, campaigns but these days people are posting pictures of customers using their products. This trend goes a long way towards building a huge customer base as well as leads to more user engagement. Using the right hashtags, filters and posting at the right time is the secret behind mastering Instagram and creating a good following.
  3. Abandoned Carts – A lot of times customers after adding items to their carts abandon it, but then there is nothing to be worry about. Though you can try certain measures to maybe convince these customers into reconsidering their decision by sending emails, offering discounts and free shipping etc.
  4. Facebook Store – Another big platform for social media marketing. It not only helps one get good traffic but even sell their products directly through Facebook store. It is not only easy to set up, but even acts as a great channel for making sales
  5. Email Subscribers – One of the best online marketing tools which is still widely used. One can drive traffic, supplement content marketing and even outdo twitter and facebook when it comes to sales. Honestly speaking, it is difficult to keep a tab of so many tweets and Facebook posts for us to keep with, but many of us might agree to the fact that people still like new messages sent to their personal emails. It also gives one the chance to say things that just can’t fit into a social media post. Make sure to promote your newsletters to get as many subscribers as you can on a high-converting channel.
  6. Email Campaigns – Just getting a dozen email addresses isn’t enough; one has to keep sending mails regularly to your customers. You can do that on various occasions like, after they sign up, while the order is being processed, to give info regarding discounts, deals, tips and news about the product.
  7. Wishlist Reminder Email – Very closely similar to the abandoned cart email, it tries to convince you to take the final call in purchasing the product that you were intending to buy. You can send out an email to let your customer know. A perfect way or push that might make them feel like buying the product.
  8. Make it Easy For Your Customers – Your store shouldn’t be badly designed. Now, you might be confused as to what is a badly designed store? These are stores which are untrustworthy, unappealing, sans any value proposition, badly written product description etc. And not to forget, bad navigation which makes it difficult for users to go through it. This plays a great role in driving traffic as well as maintaining a good customer base. So, work on the theme and other aspects to make it a memorable experience for your customers.
  9. Product Review – These are basically, testimonials. One gets to know what people think about your product or if they are planning to buy it or not. The content automatically increases and the chances of hitting upon a long key tail word also increases. Due to these reasons, product reviews increase sales.
  10. Ad Spending – keep trying new techniques and methods on your bids for keywords to find a good niche. One can use Google Adwords to get qualified visitors so that you get to show up your store in Google when people search for your keywords. Next you can try Facebook which is a great way too. This is how you can figure out what really works for you.
  11. Try to Engage Your Visitors – It isn’t just asking them to subscribe email newsletter. Try redirecting them to your social media page or Instagram feed. Manage your Facebook page or maybe make the “Follow” button quite prominent. Regularly post blogs to connect with your fans in a better way. You can also offer promotions on your products. To do this, you can send links to your social media pages, promote your product or use an on-site pop-up to capture emails
  12. Start Doing Market Research – So, if you figure out an opportunity to expand your product line or add new products; do evaluate the market demand and the costs. If it is worth it or not? That can be done by geographic validation, by keeping a tab on social media trends and keyword research. You can even try Pre-selling your items, or may be by listing them as out of stock, and then find out for yourself the no of people who place an order.
  13. Think Different – Though there are many tried and tested ways, but you can always come up with something that suits your product. Create your own style and tactic. Unless you try, you will never know. Thinking out of the box may be the key reason behind your success.

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