Tree Data Structure Practice Questions

1. Explain the AVL tree insertion and deletion with suitable example.

2.Describe the algorithms used to perform single and double rotation on AVL tree.

3 .Explain about B-Tree with suitable example.

4.Explain about B+ trees with suitable algorithm.

5.Write short notes on

  1. Binomial heaps
  2. Fibonacci heaps 6.Explain the tree traversal techniques with an example.

7.Construct an expression tree for the expression (a+b*c) + ((d*e+f)*g). Give the outputs when

you apply inorder, preorder and postorder traversals.

8.How to insert and delete an element into a binary search tree and write down the code for the

insertion routine with an example.

9.What are threaded binary tree? Write an algorithm for inserting a node in a threaded binary


10.Create a binary search tree for the following numbers start from an empty binary search tree.

45,26,10,60,70,30,40 Delete keys 10,60 and 45 one after the other and show the trees at each


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