What percentage of hike did TCS announce for 2021-2022?

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Yes TCS is the first company to announce annual hike in 2021 in India. And the media has circulated this news in a way that is bound to confuse many individuals. Most of the media houses quoted the news as :

“”We can confirm that we are on track to give increments to all associates across our geographies effective April 2021, in line with our benchmarks,” the company said in a statement.

“This step is a reflection of our steadfast commitment to our associates,” the TCS spokesperson added.

This would be the second salary hike which the company would implement within a span of six months. The previous pay increment cycle was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in March last year.

With the salary hike rolled out in October 2020 and the upcoming hike on April 2021, TCS employees will get around 12-14 percent average increment and this will be in line with the company norms, according to sources familiar with the development.”

Seeing this many people specially TCSers will think that they will be getting another hike within one year and most importantly TCSers are thinking that they will be getting 12–18% hike in April 2021. Then let me tell all those people that this 12–18% hike is never going to happen in April and never ever in future also.

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