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DigitalOcean is a values-driven organization. Here is what we believe in.

Our community is bigger than just us

We foster the global developer and entrepreneurial communities because they are the source of our ideas and innovation and essential to our sustained growth.

Simplicity in all we DO

We make decisions that eliminate complexity and obstacles to our moving fast so we can enable our customers to focus on testing their Ideas, building their businesses and realizing their dreams.

We speak up when we have something to say and listen when others DO

We create an environment where we are transparent and respectful so we are confident in bringing our best selves on behalf of our customers and each other, every day.

We are accountable to deliver on our commitments

Earning trust every day is our core value proposition to our customers and to each other. We must be trustworthy, because the opportunity to serve our customers is larger than any one of us.

Love is at our core

Underlying everything we do, love for our customers and our DO is essential to realizing our fullest potential.


Build and release faster with scalable compute products in the cloud. DigitalOcean provides flexible server configurations sized for any application, industry leading price to performance, and predictable pricing that is the same across regions and usage volumes.


Store and quickly access any amount of data reliably in the cloud. DigitalOcean offers several kinds of storage depending on your needs.


Secure and control the traffic to your applications with your own private network, traffic filtering, and load balancing.


Combine the power of our core VM platform with a fully managed MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis databases to give your application the performance it needs – without the operational demands that come with building and running your own database server.

Developer tools

Manage resources programmatically and integrate across the developer ecosystem.

Management tools

Monitor and manage, both your software and your team.

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