Woo-commerce development

The digital platform has delved into every kind of business and has changed its perspectives. E-commerce websites bridge the gap and act as the intermediate between sellers and buyers. Every marketer of E-commerce makes the optimum use of social media, digital content, and email campaigns to ensure they excel. As e-commerce sites are increasing with every passing day, cutthroat competition is inevitable. To prevail and surmount this competition, you need to opt for the best e-commerce development company.

Your e-commerce website is the direct image and presentation of your business. Hence, you need to design a website overarching all the products you want to sell and launch. The website should be an incorporation of flexible, responsive designs and simple features.

Customers will always prefer a site that is easy to use and manageable. Moreover, build up your website in such a way that it runs effectively in all devices, including mobile. Integrating your business in mobile phones can give you potential leads. With the extensive use of mobile phones, people can access your website much faster.

Xakbox Woo-commerce Development Services

At Xakbox, we have a team of experts working for your business to outstanding others. Our team delivers services for both B2C and B2B websites and boost the sales of your business. We provide our customers with API Integration, woo-commerce migration, woo-commerce website customization along with few more exceptional services to run your business smoothly.

Woo-commerce Website Customization 

logo, the Our first step includes customizing the brand name, me, colours, and designs. The presentation of the elements helps the customers to view all the product options easily. We make sure that your website is easy to navigate and gather information. To make your site more convenient for your customers, we provide the filter’ or ‘sort’ options to pick up a particular product readily. Rely on our customer services as it will make your customers complacent by feeding them what they are searching.

 Woo-commerce Theme Development

At Xakbox, we give paramount importance to theme development.  We will provide you with pre-set designs, performance, and functionality, along with the best user experience and services. Theme development ensures that you can provide customer support and customer care in due time. Along with that, it will help you to attract more customers due to the alluring designs and templates. We have developed our website in a way that it is responsive in mobiles, laptop or other gadgets. Our main motive is to reach the potential leads with the utmost and most exceptional experience.

API Integration

Through API Integration, we will enhance the communication between you and your customers. Your customers can instantly switch between two working applications.  Through the APIs, you can customize the services that you use the most. You can easily transit between two or more linked forms. API saves the customer’s time with effortless communication. Besides, it will also help you in streamlining your operations along with providing better experiences to your customers.

Woo-commerce Migration

Through woocommerce migration, we will provide you with a backup of your e-store. The migration will not hamper the functioning of your existing store. Your data will remain secured as your services duplicate its entities to the new store. The migration will save the time of your customers, and your customers can also recover their old passwords hassle-free. We will help you in better SEO ranking, migrate content in diverse languages and inform your customers about the manufacturers along with the photos of the pictures. 

Woo-commerce Plugin Development

We will help you to advance your platform and thus promise a better growth of your business. Amidst the plenty of e-commerce plugins, we will guide you to choose the right plugin with desired and indispensable features. We bestow you with themes, scalable options, affordability, payment shipping options, and all others considered for building a good platform.

Woo-commerce Maintenance and Support

The budding business demands your valuable time to ensure that almost all customers experience and sustain excellent service. Beyond any doubt, running, maintaining, and supporting a website is cumbersome and confusing. We have a leading industrial website server incorporated with vital and preventive maintenance services. We feed your business with the support it needs to surge.

What makes woo-commerce the most desired platform?

All across the globe, entrepreneurs use this wholly customizable and affordable e-commerce platform. The best part? You can go beyond the confined conventional and traditional solutions of e-commerce. Let’s see why woo-commerce is such a popular choice.

User Friendly

Woo-commerce supplies you with plenty of features, which help you to navigate and find the products you want quickly. We will display all the available options on one product, so users don’t need to browse through different pages. The filter and navigation bar are of significant advantages to users as it helps them find the exact products.

SEO Friendly

Optimizing your website is the best way to reach your customers. To rank, your sites in the first few search websites must be available for SEO crawling. We will construct those using codes and programs, making them SEO optimized. Therefore, it will assist you to rank higher and get more visibility. We will provide backlinks and well-researched keywords to your site to make it rank on the first page.


The best part about woo-commerce is that flexibility and modification come hand in hand. If you want to alter the code and content, we will change the material as and when required to best suit the needs of the website. Customization will help you to bring your products to the limelight and make it appealing.

More Features and Integration Options

We will provide you with abundant features and attributes. If you want to add more products, we will help you in including all your products you want your customers to purchase. We will insert and embrace ample product images to make them vivid, even if you offer unlimited variations of products like size, colour, and fabric.

More Themes Available

Woo-commerce has bountiful alternatives for themes. We will help you grab the appropriate one for your site. Our designing team will edit and customize any particular layout as you choose.


We provide woo-commerce, which is a better option compared to other e-commerce websites. It is scalable, affordable, and hence cost-effective. We give the extensions and other additional features in woo-commerce at affordable pricing. Besides, the extensions are free at the most basic levels.

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