Are you verifying your bank account on ‘the official’ RBI website? It’s a scam!

Are you verifying your bank account on ‘the official’ RBI website? It’s a scam!

NEW DELHI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a press release cautioning people about a fake website having a layout similar to the official central bank website. The release said that this fake website has been created with the URL by some unknown person(s) and it offers a provision for “Bank verification with online account holders” which appears to have been created with a fraudulent intent of obtaining personal and confidential banking details of customers unsuspecting customers.

On the fake website, on the left-hand side, it asked for ‘login details’ such as the customer’s PIN, transaction password, customer ID, bank name and so on. Whereas, the actual RBI website ( does not ask for any such details. In fact on the central bank’s site you will find real-time details of exchange rates, policy rates etc.

Fake Website ( 

The RBI has clarified that as India’s central bank, it does not hold any accounts for individuals and never asks for personal information such as bank account details, passwords. The Reserve Bank has cautioned citizens from falling prey to such fraudulent websites as their personal information could be misused and may cause financial and other losses.

Actual RBI Website (

Besides the above said websites, the central bank has cautioned about sites like, While the URL appear similar to the RBI’s official site, they have no affiliation the Reserve Bank.

It may be recalled that a couple of years back another fraudulent website by the URL, offering various banking facilities and asking members of public to apply on-line for opening “RBI Savings Account” was created.

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