Best Customer Acquisition Methods

Now that you have started a new business, you would definitely want to promote it on the internet. With new techniques and tools coming every other day, it is easy to get confused. Here, we are sharing a few methods that are still relevant and can help you a great deal in attracting customers.

Guest Blogging – The best way to create a good fan following or base. Once you figure out the perfect platform where your potential customers might be reading and following, keep posting content regularly to create customer base quickly. Through effective use of guest blogging one can boost website traffic. Being on a powerful website with a good fan base, it is easier to establish authenticity and authority easily. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote as well as create awareness about your brand.

Social Media – It is an effective way to acquire customers. A majority still claims internet to influence their purchasing decision. With the increase in users, it gives a brand a direct chance of interaction with its customers. It helps generate exposure for your brand.

Influencer Marketing – As per this technique, industry influencers promote your products and services to their audience. It requires a lot of studying and research to get this marketing strategy right. It helps get a lot of publicity for your brand. There are a lot of bloggers and journalists who follow influencers and cover their blogs or tweets. When an influencer promotes you brand, it automatically brings in more credibility. It puts your products directly in front of the customer who is willing to buy it.

Forum Marketing – This is a platform for website owners and online business owners to share their views with other users. It not only helps in link building but even acquiring customers. One needs to position one’s business as a solution provider while using forums to promote oneself.

Email Marketing – It is an integral part of marketing strategy and is used from time to time to acquire more customers. Despite the fact that there are so many other techniques, email marketing is still prevalent and widely used. It helps attract leads, grow and build consistent and loyal customers. One gets complete and autonomous access to the customers too. Here, you can narrow down narrow down your target audience, unlike social media where the views and interests of the audience is diverse. This gets you closer to people who are actually interested in buying. This way, one gets easy access to the customers and you can be in touch with them anytime.

Cold Pitching – Calling up prospects and trying to get in touch with them is an age old marketing technique. Similar to this is the online equivalent cold pitching, which is as useful. It might not give you 100% results, but with time it will cover up the cost of the efforts. It is totally free and one doesn’t need to spend huge amount. Someone without much experience can start doing it too.

Case Studies – These are stories which we share on our website regarding the ways through which we helped our customers’ business become successful. This also helps to get a lot of new customers. Potential clients go through these studies to know more about you and your product or service. It helps convert readers to customers easily. Prospects that are skeptical can be convinced and one can attain customer confidence too.

It not only helps generate leads but even highly qualified customer base. To convert leads generated from webinars to paying customers is way easier as it already prepares them towards the premium offers of your product or services.

Affiliates and Partnerships – If you are looking for a marketing technique to reduce the customer acquisition cost and simultaneously boost sales, then go for affiliates and partnerships.  This is not only cost- effective but leaves the marketing and follow-up aspect to the affiliate marketer which makes it a lot easier for you. Your role is to just create the product and rest is done by them.

PPC Advertising – Those with a good cash flow coming in, go for pay per click to bring in more customers. Some commonly used PPC are Facebook paid ads, display ads and Google Adwords. It boosts the sales, doesn’t require much efforts and gets one a lot of customers as well.


That’s it. Though there are many techniques but these are the most effective and prevalent ones. Hope this helps you to get a better and clear idea towards customer acquisition.

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