Facts and Myths about Multi-Level Marketing form of Business

Facts and Myths about Multi-Level Marketing form of Business

Marketing and forms of business

Marketing has been readily involved in the major functions of any business organization. Differing from sales, marketing is that function that directly or indirectly pays a visit to the customer’s mind and lays the impact of the brand/ product that they are dealing with.

In most cases, marketing and more importantly, efficient marketing is the sole reason for the tremendous success of brands or products. Therefore, managing the marketing segment with proper diligence and strategies is very important to ensure that the company and its products/services are well named and have flourishing revenue from the market.

A number of marketing strategies and distribution channels have been in use for years. The variety of these makes many options available for the top-level management to analyze what would benefit and complement their organization goals in the best possible manner.

About Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-Level Marketing is one such important and much talked about distribution and marketing channel in businesses. Also, it is a form of business. However, this one is many times surrounded by a lot of controversial myths and bitter facts thereby being a talked of and debated topic in businesses.

On one side where it is argued that multi-level marketing is the best one to help reach masses with heavy penetration, the other side questions the individual-centric human nature of the bottom-most elements of this business pyramid.

Multi-Level Marketing is also referred to as the pyramid selling the network, referral marketing, and even network marketing by virtue. The companies that take into account and practice this multi-level marketing network generate their income from non-salaried individuals who are involved in selling the products/services of the company.

Certain myths and facts of Multi-Level Marketing are briefed further.

Myths about Multi-Level Marketing

  • Individual-centric behaviour

It is often debated that not everybody engaged in Multi-level marketing is in it for personal benefits. However, it must be noted that this is a myth. Most of the individuals in the pyramid scheme who are at the bottom-most levels are involved mostly for their own sake and not for the company. What they care about are the monetary benefits that they will reap.

  • Money making

This is often heard about the myth that multi-level marketing is surrounded by. Many people are of the opinion that in this network, only the people at the top level make money. However, this is not at all the case with multi-level marketing. The amount that you earn from such a network is directly proportional to your sincere efforts that can be recognized and valued.

  • Ethical nature

Some people argue that Multi-Level Marketing uses controversial and unethical ways of recruitment testing. This is a fact that at certain points the ethical nature of Multi-level marketing is not holding true.

Facts about Multi-Level Marketing

  • Using people

About network marketing, it is often believed that many do not approve of the idea of using their acquaintances to sell products or do business. However, the success that you taste in such a business is completely dependent upon how you enable and empower each other to reach the goals instead of using each other for the fulfillment of personal objectives.

  • The attainment of saturation point

Multi-level marketing is said to attain a saturation point after a certain point which is technically not possible. This is an unjust and unreasonable myth that prevails amidst some. The saturation point cannot be reached in multi-level marketing because it does not deal with a finite number of people. The potential of a new market is ever-increasing and this is a befitting truth against the myth of saturation attainment of MLM.

  • Efforts define money

It is a well-known fact that the efforts you put into a multi-network marketing business are directly proportionate to the monetary benefits that you reap from it irrespective of the position that you hold in the business pyramid. However, the top-level individuals in the pyramid scheme tend to divert the benefits towards themselves at most.

Multi-Level marketing, like all other strategies and forms of business, has its own share of myths and facts revolving across it. What stays high is the truth of success or failure that is brought to the organizations practicing this system.

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