Hole in Many

Another simple, fun game that gets the entire team involved in something physical. Essentially, the team has to balance a tennis ball on a tarpaulin with holes cut into it randomly.

Being good at this game requires the entire team to coordinate and work together.

Number of participants: 8-24 people

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Learn teamwork

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How to play

1. Grab a piece of tarpaulin and a few tennis balls. Cut a hole randomly into the tarp.

2. Divide the group into equally sized teams of 4-8 people.

3. Ask each team to hold the tarp stretched out between them.

4. Drop a ball onto the tarp. The team has to hold the tarp as long as possible without the tennis falling through the hole.

5. The team that holds the tarp for the longest time wins.

6. If a single hole is too easy, cut more holes into the tarp. You can also grab additional tarps and get all teams to do this activity at the same time, timing their performance along the way.


While there is something to learn from this team building activity – physical and verbal cooperation – it’s best suited for getting people involved at the start of an event. It’s fun for everyone and simple enough that anyone can play it, regardless of age or fitness level.

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