Perfect Square

Another blindfold game where team members have to work together to create a perfect square with a rope while completely blindfolded. Communication skills, collaboration and hilariously out of shape squares ensue.

Number of participants: 4-16 participants

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Build communication, leadership and collaboration skills

How to play

1. Divide the participants into small teams of 4-6 people.

2. Ask each team to stand in close inward facing circles. Get everyone to hold a rope and place it on the floor such that it forms a circle.

3. Once the rope is on the floor, blindfold everyone on all the teams.

4. The teammates now have to work together to turn the circular rope into a perfect square.

5. Give each team 5-7 minutes for this activity. After this, everyone takes off their blindfolds to see the results of their handiwork. Most teams end up making terribly shaped ‘squares’, which can be a source of much good-natured humor.

6. If you have the time, run the activity again, exchanging at least one person from each team. You can also get them to make more complex shapes other than squares.


Making a square from a rope sounds deceptively simple, but it isn’t. For a perfect square, team members have to communicate clearly and work together to craft straight, equally-sized edges. They will also have to choose a leader to direct their efforts.

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