Redis: The #1 Loved Database By Developers

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Redis: The #1=
Loved Database By Developers

Check It Out Here =E2=9E=A4







Hi there,

At Redis Labs, the home o=
f the #1 loved database by developers, we know what it takes to help you ac=
hieve next-level growth as your company scales.

Redis is an open source, in-memory data s=
tructure store, use as a database, cache and message broker.=C2=A0

Redis for Dumm=
=C2=A0was created by Redis Labs
for all levels of people interested in getting started with Redis or start=
ing to scale out Redis. The book covers how to scale and enable high availa=
bility and persistence for your Redis deployment. It also covers the benefi=
ts of Redis Enterprise, like 99.999% up-time, auto sharding and rebalancing=
, easy upgrades, and performance-at-scale.=C2=A0=C2=A0

Get Starte=

Download the eBook

s no quicker way to get up to speed on Redis! Download Redis for Dummies free today.



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