Team Jigsaw

A deceptively simple game. Teams have to complete a jigsaw puzzle within the specified time limit. Except there’s one catch: some of the puzzle pieces are with the opposing team. To successfully complete their puzzle, the teams are forced to work together.

Number of participants: 8-20 people divided into two teams.

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Build collaboration, problem solving and communication skills

How to play

1. Grab two puzzles. Mix in some pieces from Puzzle A with pieces from Puzzle B. Place them into two separate boxes.

2. Divide the group into two teams. If there are more people, you can create additional teams (don’t forget to split the puzzle to match the number of teams).

3. Hand each team a box with their respective puzzles. The teams will start out thinking that they only have to create their own puzzle.

4. Once they start working, however, the teams will realize that there are some missing (and some extra) pieces. Ask the teams to communicate clearly with each other about this situation. Eventually, it will dawn on them that they have to work together to solve the puzzle.

5. Teams can exchange puzzle pieces but only one at a time. Ask them to work together until the puzzle is solved within the specified time limit (20-30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the puzzle).

Optional: For added difficulty, divide the teams into separate rooms such that they can’t see each other.

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The teams start out thinking it’s a conventional time-based puzzle challenge. The realization that they have to work together to complete their puzzles always takes everyone by surprise. In the process, the teams learn how to work together, communicate well and solve problems.

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